Jardana is a brand dedicated to the design of clothing and textiles for the home. It is characterized by the sustainability in the production process through craft techniques and the use of natural raw materials, mainly merino wool, as well as the generation of exclusive products with high added value.

The Chalenge

The challenge of the project was to create an institutional website that would allow its customers to find its products online. To start the project we studied the specific needs of the Jardana team. Depending on the different product lines, we defined the graphic user interface, using an aesthetic that identifies them and integrated the design with their photographs.

Content & Strategy

The website today shows Jardana's history, the team can publish news and projects. The most important thing was that we developed an e-commerce and so Jardana can sell and manage its products and reach its customers online.

We thought and developed the site to be visible on all devices, and friendly to navigate. We also positioned the site through SEO, connected to Google Search Console and Analytics and now, when you search for the name of the company, it quickly appears in the first results.